You’re about to witness a video of an elderly lady who no longer recognizes her living room nor even her own son you don’t know how you’re related to me yeah we are hama this lady is not just getting old her memories are being erased by a disease that’s causing her brain to physically wither away and die Alzheimer’s disease within a normal healthy brain there are cells that pass messages from one area to another when grandparents speak about the good old days it is thanks to these cells connecting their memory hub with their centers of speech if you look closely you’ll see that the message must pass across a small space between each cell in Alzheimer’s patients this space becomes clogged by an abnormal structure and communication comes to a halt furthermore the long thin part of the cell that the message passes across is destroyed from within due to a change in an important protein this causes the cell to shrivel and die leaving behind what scientists call and neurofibrillary tangles the tangle in conjunction with the blocks that prevent cellular communication are the two features that define alzheimers disease there are currently no effective treatments for Alzheimer’s there there’s one promising frontier cannabis chemicals in cannabis including THC are now at the frontier of Alzheimer’s research because they have potential to reduce and prevent the formation of L sinus blocks if plaque formation can be slowed or halted as recent studies suggest and if patients can be diagnosed early enough then the potential exists to prevent debilitating and lethal forms of Alzheimer’s you cannabidiol another cannabis chemical has been found effective in improving symptoms in mouse models of Alzheimer’s a recent Australian study concluded that the mouse model findings could easily be followed up in clinical trials since CBD is well tolerated by humans despite the promising research however the news is not all good in July 2015 a series of media articles reported that cannabis had been proven ineffective in treating Alzheimer’s disease the only problem with the headlines is that they were not true the study they were referring to was commissioned to determine the safety of THC pills for persons with dementia as well as other technical data the conclusion reached was that the pills were safe and that further human studies with higher doses were warranted thankfully not everyone is fooled by the headlines but boy it’s just such a difference now from a half hour ago you were pacing back and forth not believing this was your house and you had to get out of here yes ma’am It is no secret that the Endocannabinoid System and cannabis both fire receptors in the body to manage pain from aging, hard labor, or injury. Cannabis can be safely administered for these or any other purpose in any of the common methods