By: Audioburst

ADD and ADHD are both brain disorders, which can be treated with Cannabidoil or (CBD). People who experience either ADD or ADHD experience patterns of inattention, lack of concentration, and impulse control issues… among other things. Usually diagnosed as a child it can progress into adulthood. Although many adults who experience ADD or ADHD have never been diagnosed. Experts believe that 4% of the US population have one form or another of ADD or ADHD. That is over 4.8 million people. Many of which, don’t even know they have it. The current treatment often does little, or worse, it can cause more problems. The standard medications used to treat ADD/ADHD are different forms of amphetamine which can be very dangerous. Another treatment ISI psychotherapy which has low success rates and is controversial within its own field. Recently, studies are being published, showing the power CBDs have in helping people. One study looked at adults with ADD/ADHD who were also users of cannabis. Many reported that they had increased concentration and improved impulse control while on cannabis. Another study, looked at a group of 30 subjects who were not cannabis users. All of these participants had seen no help from standard treatments and showed a resistance to the medication. Each participant was given CBD oils and monitored. The CBD oils did not contain THC the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that produces the high, meaning none felt a high from the CBD. Of the 30 that were observed, all reported an increase in concentration, sleep, and impulse. As more studies are being done on CBD it is becoming clear that there is a strong potential to effectively treat ADD and ADHD.